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To configure a pass you need to :

  1. Create the Pass
  2. Configure the Pass usages and Price
  3. Create the Product

Create the Pass

  1. Go to Menu- Products – Configurations – Passes
  2. Click on +
  3. Fill all details
  • Membership : you need to select the specific Pass membership you created before
  • Unlimited: if you need to create an unlimited Pass, it needs to be ok
  • Is capped: when on, it means that the Pass is for a limited usages and you can also fix amount of usages per timeframe ex. 1 day
  • Usages per time frame: amount of usages maximum per a timeframe
  • Time frame: fixed time where you can choose max. usages
  • Buddies amount: in case of Group Passes, you need to fix amount of users
  • Buddies per time frame: how many people can use the pass in the timeframe
  • Period: when the pass can be used. Example: every day, weekend, etc.
  • Price category: the price category created for the specific pass. This is very important as it will define the price setup on the product.

Configure the Pass usages and Price

Clicking on the 3 dots near Membership (simple pass in this example)

  • Period of Time: it means in which period the client can use the Pass, Example: every day, weekdays , excluding/including holidays, etc…
  • Discount : if the Pass will give a specific discount, you need to specify here which percentage
  • Price Category : you can create a specific category for each pass. Alternatively to the discount that gives a fixed % of discount, the Price category allows you to to give custom price to a specific pass
  • Kind needs to be Pass
  • When to activate: you can choose if it needs to be activated on the day of purchase or on the day of first use

In case of Simple Pass or Group Pass you also need to fix the maximum usages of the pass.

After the Pass setup has been made, you need to configure which activity/products can be used with the Pass:

  1. Go to Menu- Products – Configurations – Passes
  2. Select the Pass you want
  3. Go to the ‘Usages’ section
  4. Set the maximum number of usages
Example of a 10 entries Pass
  1. Go to Menu- Products – Configurations – Passes
  2. Select the Pass you want
  3. Go to the ‘Allowed Products’ section
  4. Click on + to select a product: here you need to select all products and activities that can be paid with the pass
  5. Once you select the product, you need to fix how to use the pass. If you want to use the Pass that gives a limited or unlimited times of entrance, then you need to select 1 under ‘Default’ (you use it like a credit (1 credit = 1 activity). If the pass should give a discount(instead of a full entrance), you can fix the discounted price under the ‘simple pass’ category.

Create the product

To create a Pass product, you need to create a Simple product that returns a Membership kind pass.

If you go to the Return section on the Product, You need to fix :

  • Membership : on
  • Select the pass
  • Fix the expiration of the pass: 1 year, 1 month, e day etc.

Example: Trampoline 5 entry Pass

We are going to see how to configure a Pass which gives 5 entries to the Trampoline activity, maximum one per day, usable in one month.

Example of simple Pass Configuration

Example: Discounted Bowling

In this example, the pass can be used 10 times, max. 1 time per day and it gives a discounted price (7€ instead of 10€). The Pass expires in one year.

Simple Pass with Discount

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