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It is possible to configure staff cards that will allow employee/staff members to login with their account by simply scanning a membercard from the Fast Booking, Fast Office or Fast Timing.

Create a user

First of all you need to create a user, if the employee(s) doesn’t have an account yet. Read more on how to create users and add user rights.

Add the staff member card

Later on, you need to configure a membercard that will be used from the employee to login. Here below the steps to follow:

1 – Go to Menu – Staff – Configuration – Users

2 – Choose the user you need to configure

3 – Select the member in the member profile

4 – Go to ‘Membership’

5 – Click the button ‘Add a staff card’

6 – You can simply scan the card you want to add as Staff card

Configure Staff card

A new Card with kind ‘Crew card’ will be added automatically. From now one, the employee can login by scanning the membercard!

IMPORTANT: Make sure that PIN and Password are both configured in the employee account. If Password is not configured, the automatic login will not work.

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