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This tutorial explains how to generate gift cards in the SMS-Timing system. We are going to create a €20 voucher.


Vouchers/gift cards can return money, points or credits which can be used in exchange for the value of products. In this tutorial, we are going to create a voucher that returns money.


The first thing we have to do is configure our Voucher Setup. A Voucher Setup tells our system what kind of voucher we are creating and what the value will be for that specific setup.

Voucher Setup

  1. Open the menu in the top right corner and click on ‘Vouchers’
  2. Then, click on ‘Templates’. You will see a list of all Voucher Templates
  3. We are going to add a new Setup, so click on the ‘+’ button above
  4. The Voucher Configuration screen will open with tons of different settings we can adapt.
    1. Name: Name of the configuration
    2. Active: if configuration is active or not
    3. Company: You can link a company where you are giving these vouchers to. This is purely for statistics, you can then retrieve later how many vouchers from a certain company came back
    4. Duration: how long this configuration is valid to be used
    5. Expiry date: expiration date of this configuration
    6. Transferable: whether or not the value of this voucher can be transferred to other profiles (should be turned on)
    7. Shared in bill: whether or not the value of this voucher can be shared in the same bill, this means the value can be used to pay for other customers’ products
    8. Sales page: this is for a more advanced setup. You can link a sales page to this voucher to create variable voucher values
    9. Kind: kind of the voucher, should be EVoucher
  5. For now, we will fill in the name and duration. For the most of the cases this is all you have to fill in.
  6. The next step is to configure the actual value on the voucher. This can be Money, points, credits, …
    1. Money: easiest configuration, value on voucher will be deducted from the bill when the customer wants to pay
    2. Points/credits: Imagine one karting session costs €15. Instead of putting €15 value on the voucher, you can put one credit on it. This credit can be used to purchase the karting product (note, this needs to be configured on the product as well)
  7. For this example, we will configure the voucher to have a value of €20.
  8. Once you filled in the monetary value, press ‘Apply’ to save your configuration.
  9. You will receive a warning message on the screen, you can simply close this for now.
  10. Your basic voucher setup is complete!

Voucher generation

You just made your €20 voucher template, now it is time to generate the voucher codes that you can send out to various companies/3rd party systems. Generating these codes is very easy:

  1. In the ‘Voucher Configuration’ screen, open the tab ‘Generate’
  2. Fill in the amount of codes you would like to generate for this specific voucher setup (in this example we are going to generate 10)
  3. Predefined memo is a field where you can write the purpose of this voucher (for statistics)
  4. Generate for company is also purely for statistics
  5. After filling the amount press ‘Generate’
  6. The system will ask if it can activate the vouchers already. This means that the vouchers are active and can be redeemed in the system. If you choose ‘No’, you will need to activate the vouchers manually afterwards. For now, we will choose ‘Yes’.

Your voucher codes are generated, the system asks if it needs to export the vouchers to an .CSV file. If you are planning to share the voucher codes with 3rd parties, it’s a good habit to export them to .CSV so they are easily shareable.

Voucher Overview

If you go to the Voucher Overview (Menu -> Vouchers -> Overview) you will see all generated voucher codes active in your system. There are numerous ways of filtering to retrieve the requested voucher codes. A very easy way of filtering is by selecting the voucher setup in the list on the right of the screen. After selecting, use the refresh button to fetch all voucher codes for that selected setup.

Voucher redemption

To test the newly created voucher, we will copy the voucher code and paste it in the Booking application. We will copy the first code found in the list (after selecting the correct setup), create a bill with products and right before paying the bill we are going to scan the voucher code. The system will automatically deduct the value on the voucher from the bill. If the whole voucher is not used, the remaining amount will remain on the voucher. This video will show you:

  • How to redeem a voucher
  • Shows you that the remaining value will stay on the voucher
  • Check in the Overview which voucher is used
  • Message that voucher is fully redeemed when empty

More information how to redeem a voucher can be found here: How to redeem vouchers at the POS

Create a product that sells a voucher

Last step is to create a product that creates a voucher QR in order to be sold to a customer.

You can find all information in this tutorial: How to create a product to sell a voucher/giftcard


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