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General information

Deposit types are entities that can be added to the customer’s account. They can be part of a loyalty program or used as a payment method in the SMS-timing system.
3rd party integrations for cashless systems also use our deposit system to add the purchased credits on the customer’s card or account.
Now with the achievements and gamification possibilities in our software, you can event link certain deposits to certain goals in order

Deposit kinds

Deposits can be made in unlimited amounts and for a wide variety of applications so before we create them make sure you know what you want to achieve.
let’s go over the different kinds.

  • “Career Point” can be used to increase career levels in the SMS-timing, most commonly used to return on achievements.
  • “Credit” a regular credit that can be banked or redeemed for a product, mostly used for loyalty programs.
  • “3rd party credits” are credits used by 3rd party integrations. Here is an article on the available options.
  • “Money” is a money amount added to the membership as part of a monthly membership or a deposit by the customer or parents. The money value stays 1:1 and can be used for every product in the system as cash would do.
  • “Points” are comparable with credits and career points. They are mostly returned as a reward for achievements but are rarely of sufficient value to redeem a product with. Therefore customers can keep track of them and collect them to exchange them for eg. a credit.

These are the kinds, you can create multiple deposits of the same kind but with different specifics like validity and period of usage.

Create a new deposit

To create a new deposit follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Deposit page. (Menu -> Products -> Deposit Types)
  2. create a new entry.
    New Deposit type
  3. Fill in all the required information.
    1. “Name” for the deposit.
    2. “Short” an abbreviation used online and by mobile apps.
    3. “Priority” of the deposit to be used, the lower the number the higher the priority.
    4. “Print on reports”
    5. “Check last visit”
    6. “Shared” over different locations.
    7. “Kind” of credit.
    8. “External reference” for 3rd party integrations.
    9. “Can withdraw” this credit to purchase products.
    10. “Can deposit” this credit to bank and save.
    11. “Transferable” between members.
    12. “Valid for” a determined duration.
    13. “Style” to make it stand out.
    14. “Online” available?
    15. “Period of Time” default is always available but you could restrict usage of the credit on given times and days.
  4. Save the deposit.
New deposit
Example of a new deposit credit

As you can see in the example, we created a new deposit credit with a validity of 1 day which can only be used on days with the open schedule assigned.

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