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This tutorial explains how to setup/run an endurance or team race. To organize the endurance, make sure your endurance race product is already configured. If not, you can refer to How to create a bookable product(race product) for more information.

If you have an excel list of the participants, you can already import them into the system and assign them to their various teams. If there is no list, you can still create the teams and link the participants when they arrive at the track.

Steps to follow:

  1. To import the excel list into the system, go to the members tab and click on the family icon (button with 2 images grouped together). This will open a new window.

Enter the details into the columns as shown on the screen. Move the columns to the left to show all the hidden columns. You can also save a copy of this template, insert the records and import it.

2. If you don’t have an excel list, you can add the teams manually by clicking on the ‘+’ icon. Enter the team name (Most important). You can also link participants who are already registered to the team by clicking on the ‘lookup button’. The ‘new mobile’ button will link new registered profiles from the kiosk/mobile app.

3. Once all teams are imported into the system, you can go ahead and book them into the session. You can do this from the sales screen by double clicking in a session, click on the ‘lookup icon’, click on the ‘team icon’, highlight all the teams and click on select. Once this is done, you can now assign the karts to the teams and start the race.


Extra information

You can assign multiple karts per team if you are running a formula-e. This can be done by changing the amount of ‘karts per team’ in the session settings.

Switch active driver

You can switch from the active driver to the current driver (This is mostly useful if you want to know the individual lap times). The green arrow indicates the active driver

You can also edit a team and add more participants.

Importing teams

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