How to create a product to sell a voucher/giftcard

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This tutorial explains how to create a product that sells a voucher


Follow the tutorial: Create a Simple Product
For this tutorial, I created a “€20 gift card” product with a price of €20.

Note that the price of the product that sells the voucher does not need to be equal to the value that is on the voucher. You can sell the voucher for €15 but still have the €20 value on it.

Once you created the product there is one extra step we have to do. We have to “tell” the product which voucher it needs to generate when we sell the product. We already created the voucher setup here: How to create a giftcard

Configuration steps:

  1. Open the product
  2. Go to the “Return” tab
  3. Enable “Voucher” and select your Voucher Setup

Now when you sell this product, the system will create a voucher code with the value that is configured in the Voucher Setup. If the product is sold on a Booking application that has an Epson Ticket Printer connected to it, it will also print a ticket with the voucher QR that you can hand over to the customer.

Make sure you don’t forget to add the product to the correct page in order to sell it: How To Add A Product To A Page

Sell through Online Booking

Vouchers can also be sold through the Online Booking. The configuration is exactly the same as a product for your local Booking application, you only have to add it to a page that is visible in your Online Booking. The client will receive a QR code by email. This email can be scanned in the Booking application to redeem the voucher.

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