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You would like to manage on your system the gratuity that the client pays at your center. You can add the gratuities suggestions but you can also add the gratuity on the bill itself. You can also use a combined way.

1 – Go to Menu – Products – Configuration – Gratuities

2 – Click on + button to add a new one

3 – Fill a name, the percentage and the kind. The kind can be ‘Suggestion’, that will add the suggested amount based on the tip percentage – or ‘AddToBill’, this will add the tip to the bill already.

The tips suggested will be added automatically on the sales ticket while for the Gratuities to add on the bill, you will need to select the one you want to add to the bill on the payment screen in two steps :

1 – Click the Gratuities button on payment screen

2 – Choose the Gratuity percentage

Here below a tutorial that will show how to add gratuities to the bill.

Print Pre-Sale Ticket

You can choose to close the bill and add gratuities on top on the bill later, or you can choose to keep the bill open and print the sales ticket before closing the bill. You can do it by clicking the ‘Print pre sales ticket’ button on payment screen.

Transaction Tickets

You can also print a separate transaction ticket where the client can sign the Gratuity policy. It will be printed in two copy one for the client, one for the Merchand. To add this ticket you need to :

1 – Go to Menu – Reports – Configuration – Reports

2 – Click + button to add a new one

3 – Look for transactionTicket and add it

4 – Go to settings and add the settings you need

5 – You can edit the translation to add the standard sentence (System – Configuration – Translation)

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