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This tutorial explains how to import teams in our system. Teams are mainly used for endurance races/events.


To import teams, follow these steps:

  1. First of all, you need a list of team data to import. This can be an Excel, CSV or Text file. You can also enter data manually in the software.
  2. The preset type of information that you can import is Team name, Team short name, Team number, Race category and Nationality.
  3. Once you have a complete list, go in the Booking/Configurator/Office software to the tab ‘Members’ and on the top middle of the screen click on ‘Team’.
  4. Click on the arrow icon on the top left of your screen to open an Import tab. Here you can enter data manually or import a file with the Folder icon. Select a file and open it. You will see a preview of the data. Press ‘OK’ to finish and you will get a confirmation message.

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