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One very common use case for deposit kinds are loyalty programs. In the example, we will create a loyalty plan where a customer gets one free race after 10 purchased races.

  1. Create your credit or point.
  2. Open the desired product’s settings.
  3. On the “return” tab notice how the product returns a default entry to the activity AND 1 Race credit.
  4. While the price tab requires $25 OR 11 Race credits.
  5. Save the product and navigate to the sales part to start testing.

As you sell the single race product now you can see the customer is charged $25 and receives 1 race credit.
First purchase
However, this race credit is not applied to the member’s profile until the bill is paid it is already taken into account for a possible purchase.  This is why the price off the product is 11 race credits. Since the 11th race will be free you will use 11 credits to pay for it.
Let’s see what happens for the 11th race.
eleventh purchase

So remember that if you create a loyalty program you need the product to be redeemed by the number of credits taken by the free product.

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