How to manage groups in a reservation

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This article explains how you can manage groups on the reservation. Imagine you have a company event with 40 or more participants and you want to put them into groups and schedule their activities. The steps below explain how you can do this.

NB: The participant list is already imported into the reservation. You can refer to How to import participants into a reservation to add your list.


  1. Open the reservation
  2. Go to the ‘people’ tab
  3. On the far right where you can see the label ‘Groups’, click on the ‘+’ icon to add your groups.
  4. Fill in the group name and the total amount of persons per group. Click on the ‘Another’ button to add more groups. Once you’re done, save by clicking the save button.
  5. Select the names by holding the ‘ctrl’ button on your keyboard and assign them to their group by dragging and dropping on the group name on the right screen.
  6. Click the ‘assign button’ to assign each group to their time schedule.
  7. Everyone should be assigned to a group. Go to the sales screen to confirm.


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