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In order to improve the usability of the system, we allow our users to create personal filters for their products and pages. As this functionality is most commonly used in the office module I will show the example in this module. However, this can also be applied to grid views in our garage and booking modules. 

  1.  Start by opening a reservation and navigate to the products screen.
  2. Then add a new product. The list with all products will open, on the bottom of this grid you will see an empty filter. 
  3. Click on the edit icon in the right corner. A new page will pop up with options to adjust the filter.
  4. You can add additional parameters to the filter. For example show only products for resource X or product group Y. Combining filters are also possible, you can decide to only show items that apply to all the filters (AND) or show all items that apply to a minimum one of the parameters (OR).
  5. Once you created your filter(s) press apply and exit this screen. On the bottom, you will see that your new filter is applied. 
  6. To save this filter to this screen you can do the following
    1.  Right-click anywhere on the items grid. 
    2. Click “Set as default grid view”.

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