How to redeem vouchers at the POS

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This tutorial explains how to redeem a voucher with money, points or credits at the reception.


Vouchers can return money, points or credits which can be used in exchange for the value of products.

How it works

A monetary voucher (voucher that returns money) cannot be redeemed to a personal profile and this is because money cannot be personal which means it can be used by multiple people. That is friends or family can share a voucher with a money value of e.g 50 or 100 euro.

Points and credits are personal and can only be used by one participant and therefore you will need a profile to redeem a voucher that returns points or credits.

How to redeem a voucher

  1. Voucher with money: To pay a participant’s bill with this voucher, make sure the bill is ready, scan the Bar/Qr code on the voucher. You can also manually type in the voucher code by clicking on the ‘swipe’ button on the top right of the application. Now the system automatically calculates and deducts the amount to be paid. Click on pay to confirm. You can scan the voucher again to check the balance on the voucher.
  1. Points/Credits:
  2. Scan the membercard/mobile app of the participant.
  3.  Scan the voucher and manually enter the voucher code.
  4. Click on pay.
  5. The voucher is redeemed to the profile of the participant.

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