How to resend confirmation emails in a reservation

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Normally, when you create a reservation in the Office program and set the status to “Confirmation”, our software automatically sends a reservation confirmation email to the email address of the responsible person. But what if the responsible person gives a wrong email address by mistake or he mistakenly deleted the email? Don’t worry! You can resend this reservation confirmation in a few steps.


  1. Double click on the reservation you would like to resend the email
  2. Go to the tab “Documents”
  3. Choose the email icon under “Kind”
  4. Choose the email template you would like to send, for example, “Default reservation confirmation”
  5. Choose or confirm the language of the content under “Language”
  6. Confirm the email address under “Send email to”
  7. If you want to send this email to another address, then you need to change the email address under the field “Email” on the left first.
  8. Click the small icon next to the email address to send this email directly or you can open Microsoft Outlook by clicking the icon next to it.
  9. You will see a system pop-up telling you that this email is being queued for sending out.

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