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For your leisure or sport center it is very important that clients sign a liability document(s). If you want to set it up, here you can find the tutorial.

1 – Setup products

You can configure which product has mandatory waiver. You can activate this option going on Advanced settings of the product:

  1. Got to Menu – Products – Products
  2. Look for the specific product
  3. Go to Configuration
  4. Go to Advanced
  5. Put ‘Waiver required’ on
  6. Apply
Product configuration

2 – Create waiver

To create your waiver, you simply need to have your terms and condition text file.

  1. Go to Menu – Persons – Waiver
  2. Click on + to add a new waiver
  3. Link the waiver to the specific Resource or Resource Group
  4. If it needs to be required, make sure that “Use for validation” is on
  5. Under Content section, click on + to add a new waiver

3 – Adapt existing survey

With previous waiver system, we had an image shown as “terms and condition” where the client could accept. With the new system, the survey question needs to be changed into htmlterms.

  1. Go to Menu – Communication – Survey
  2. Select the survey you need
  3. Go to the terms page
  4. Remove the old terms image/question
  5. Add the new question with Kind HtmlTerms, Waiver should be the correct waiver you just added
survey terms and conditions

It will automatically take and show the text which is configured in the waiver.

4 – Create update survey

If a member is already register and his waiver expired, when he goes to the Fast Booking to book activities, the system will show a warning about the waiver expiration. The employee can send an email where the client can sign his waiver immediately from the smartphone. For this reason you need to configure a specific survey that will be used in this email to update the waiver.

  1. Go to Menu – Communication – Survey
  2. Add a new Survey called ‘waiver update’
  3. This survey needs to contain one page with the Terms and Conditions question (as explained before, the question needs to have Kind HtmlTerms, Waiver should be the correct waiver you just added)

4 – Setup waiver update email

In order to sent the email to update the waiver, you also need to setup this email setup. If you don’t find it in the system you should add it :

  1. Go to Menu – Communication – Post office – Setup
  2. add a new email setup “waiver update”, Campaign “system”
  3. It needs to contain the parameter “^WaiverUpdateLink()$”, which will be linked to the update waiver survey
  4. The email setup needs to be configured with NOTIFICATION “WAIVER UPDATE”
  5. Go to System, Settings – System and look for the setting “Survey” under “Waiver” section, you need to select the survey that will be used for the waiver update (the one you configured at previous point)

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