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Do you want to the possibility to choose extra(supplements e.g mayo, ketup, extra fries etc) when you sell a product or do you want to upsell in the online booking?This tutorial explains how to create a supplementary page and link it to a product. Follow the steps below to create a supplementary page.


  1. Create the products you want to use as supplementary products in the booking or upsell in online booking. You can also refer to this tutorial Create a Simple Product
  2. Go to main menu, choose products and select pages.
  3. Add a new page. You can refer to this tutorial How to add a page. After you page is created, change the page kind to supplement.
  4. Add the supplementary products to the page you just created.
  5. Go back and select the main product, double click to open the product settings and go to the ‘option’ tab.
  6. Select the checkbox next to the name of the page you just created. Save configuration. Your supplementary products is created.

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