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This tutorial teaches you how to create an upselling/supplement page that automatically pops up on the screen when you sell a product in the Booking application.
You can also link an Upselling/Supplement page to a product that is sold in your Online Booking. This will allow the end-user to purchase upselling products configured on that specific page.



In order to configure an upselling page, you need to have the page with the products configured. In this example, I created a page called ‘Upselling’ with two products, ‘Balaclava’ and ‘Medals’. If you don’t have these products and page(s) yet, please configure them before continuing with this tutorial. You can always read one of the following tutorials to help you out:
– Create a Simple Product
– How To Add A Product To A Page
– How to create a supplementary page

Make sure your page is set up as a ‘Supplement’ page.

Products on the supplement page can exist of:
– Simple products (drinks, balaclava’s, …)
– Entry products (products that book people into a heat)

Actual configuration

When your upselling page is ready, we have to configure the correct products to trigger this page so it automatically pops up when you sell the product. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Open the ‘Menu’ in the top right corner
  2. Go to ‘Product’ -> ‘Products’
  3. Search the product in the overview page that needs to show the upselling page when you sell it
  4. After opening the product, click on the ‘Options’ tab.
  5. Inside that tab, you will see the list of upselling/supplement pages, enable the page you want to pop up when selling this product.
  6. Don’t forget to click ‘Save’ to confirm.

Your upselling/supplement page is now configured and ready to use! If you linked the upselling page to a product that you currently sell in your Online Booking,  the “Online Booking” will ask the end-user if he wants to purchase additional products. It will look like this.

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