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Do you allow kids & adults to go into the same session? From now on you can let them book with just 1 product! Any limitation requirements on the maximum amount of adults or kids in one session? No problem, our configurator gives you the flexibility to configure exactly what you need.

Excited? Read on and learn how you can configure this yourself!


To be able to configure this, you will need the following:

  • 2 entry types
    • Adult family participant
    • Kid family participant
  • 2 products
    • Adult family product
    • Kid family product
  • 1 combo
    • Family product

See create a product with an entry type for more information on how to set these up.

Age groups

The link of adults & kids works on age groups, so let’s configure these first.
You can find them in the configurator menu – activities – age groups.

You can set up as many age groups as you want and optionally link them to a resource to set up different age groups for different resources.


Pro tip:

If you fill in the tag on the age group, you can use this tag to pass in paramter values using a URL link. For example the tags “adults” and “kids” can be used like: to prefill the number of adults to 4 and the number of kids to 3 already when coming from a widget on your own website for example.

Entry type configuration

On the entry type, you can define per entry type a minimum and maximum amount that can join. For example, you can set a minimum of 1 kid is required, but a maximum of 10 kids is allowed in the same session. On top of that, you can define the adult is optional (minimum required = 0), but there is a maximum of 13 adults per session.



You can actually configure any type of special combination you might need for your event:

  • Minimum 4 kids, maximum 6 and minimum 2 adults, maximum 4
  • Minimum 10 kids, maximum 14 and always exactly 2 adults

As a side note, the rest of the specific session settings of course need to match, maximum participants, session duration, … otherwise you cannot combine these entry types in the same session.

By setting a total number of participants to 14 for example, this means with the settings from the screenshot above, the following combinations can be booked:

  • 10 kids & 4 adults: valid
  • 1 kid & 13 adults: valid
  • 4 kids & 4 adults: valid
  • 11 kids & 1 adult: not valid (maximum kid total violation)
  • 0 kids & 13 adults: not valid (minimum kid total violation)
  • 1 kid & 14 adults: not valid (maximum adults total violation)
  • 8 kids & 10 adults: not valid (maximum total participants violation)

Product configuration

When setting up the adult product and the kid product, there are no special requirements or settings at this stage. Of course you link the adult product to the adult entry and the kid product to the kid entry.

Combo configuration

When setting up the combo, there are 2 important settings on the product lines.
The kind needs to be: DynamicQuantity
And on the , link the correct configured age group.

The age group tab, will also show you the settings you have configured on the entry type.


Result in online booking

As a result of the config above, in online booking your customers will be able to add a number of adults and kids using one product to book. The names shown “Adults” and “Children” are loaded from the age groups configured.

Available sessions are automatically validated based on the minimum and maximum number of adults and kids allowed, combined with the total available capacity in the session.


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