How to add/delete column (scoreboard)

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You just created a scoreboard show, now you want to add/remove certain columns to change the look, this is how!
If you don’t have a scoreboard show, please refer to How To Create a New Scoreboard Show.


  1. Open the ‘Menu’ in the top right corner of the application
  2. Go to ‘TV’
  3. Click on ‘Scenes’, the scene overview page will open
  4. Open the correct scene (Live Result is the scene that is being used in the Scoreboard show)
  5. Open the ‘Columns’ tab
  6. Here you will see all available columns that our system can show on the scoreboard screen
  7. Check/uncheck the correct show in the ‘Visible’ column.
  8. You can also change the order by dragging the rows
  9. Confirm with ‘Save’

Now your scoreboard will show the new configured columns. You might have to restart the application before you can see the changes.

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