How to customize your entry ticket

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In our system, it is possible to customize your entry ticket to your desire. You can add/hide certain information (best time of the client, deposits of the clients, at what time the session starts, comments…), add your logo…

This tutorial will show you where and how to customize your entry ticket.


  1. Open the ‘Menu’ in the top right corner of the application and go to ‘Configuration’ -> ‘reports‘.
  2. Select “entry ticket” and on the next window, go to the “settings” tab.
  3. You can see an overview of all the fields/options you can activate (on/off) to put that info printed on your entry ticket:-For example, you want to show the race number on the ticket but not the start time (in case of delays), then, put the field “print start time” off. Click on save.
    -For example, if you want to add a comment, like “please be ready 10′ before your race starts”, click on “print comment” (put it active) and then write your text in the “comment text” box. Click on save.

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