How to send a push notification campaign


How to send a push notification campaign

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You want to send a push notification to Activity Box and you don’t know how? You can follow the following instruction.

Configuration of the setup

  1. Open the ‘Menu’ in the top right corner of the FAST Booking or FAST Configurator application
  2. Go to ‘Post Office’
  3. Go to ‘Setup’, the Setup page will open
  4. Click on the top left on + to add a new setup
  5. You need to insert:
  • Name : the name you will see on the system “Promotion push” or which name you like
  • Kind : needs to be ‘PushToken’
  • Recordtype needs to be “message” in english
  • Limits per iteraction: the lowest the better – it depends on how many customers are using the app
  • Max Time in the Queue : usually a few hours for example 5.
  • The condition needs to be “Push to all” with message as recordtype. If you don’t find it in the system you can advice us and we will configure it.
  • Campaign is ‘Commercial’ : Please note to be careful. When Campaign is ‘System’ it means that it will ignore the unsubscribers and the message will be sent anyway and multiple times. This setup is used for booking or reservation confirmation email. This setup configuration is forbidden to be used for push notifications.

Remember to reapply Sending active and Queuing active every time you make some changes, then click ‘Apply’ button.

Configuration of the message

  1. Go to Menu, Communication, Messages
  2. Add a new message with name and subtitle
  3. Add the content : you can have different content for each language you want. The content is just a html template. If you are familiar with html you can do it yourself and/or we can provide with a push message template that you can adapt yourself.
  4. IMPORTANT: The setup needs to be the Same Push setup that you created in PostOffice/Setup.
  5. Show to all: if settled on yes, it will be displayed in the Inbox even for those who didn’t receive the message
  6. Schedule : to schedule the sending, you just need to select ‘Send Time’ on the message and then click ‘Apply’

The push notification will be sent to all the contacts in your database that are logged in the Activity Box at the date and time you fixed in the message.




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