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Resources are the software’s equivalent to activities at your venue. Every location or activity you want to have separate control over can be a resource.  There are different resource kinds build into the system, each with their own specifics to make sure they suit the activity well.

If you want to create a new resource you can as followed:

  • Navigate to “Menu”->”Activities”->”Resources”
  • Fill in the requested details

    • “Name” of the activity.
    • “Kind” select one of the resources kinds.
    • “Style” lets you define or select your color style. 
    • “Reservation kind”
      • Disabled: No reservation can be made for this resource.
      • Overbooking: Allows to book more people in the heat than the maximum of the resource.
      • Strict: Prevents to book in more people in the heat than the maximum of the resource.
    • “Schedule kind” 
      • Agenda: gives an agenda layout to book the customers into the heats.
      • None: No Layout will be given.
      • Schedule setup: a layout created by the rules given into the schedule will be created to book the customers into the heats. Find out how to create a schedule here.
    • “Block name” determines how the sessions of this resource are named. This will also be the name on the TV’s around the center
    • “Participant name” determines how the participants of this resource will be named.
    • “Default exclusive” will make a purchase of any product for this resource exclusive, regardless of the number of persons in the order.
    • “Rental object name” determines how the rental objects of this resource will be named.
    • “Active” when “OFF” the resource will not be available nor shown in the SMS-Timing software modules.
    • “Create sessions” is used when a third party integration generates the schedule.
    • “Sequence” determines the sequence the resource is shown in the BOOKING module.
    • “Rating Levels” allows you to determine different levels of experience. This is linked to the star system. 
    • “Online visible” determines whether the resource is visible on online platforms.
    • “Online Booking” determines whether the resource is bookable on online platforms. 

Depending on the kind, additional information can be required:

  • “Online booking” is available for all resources and lets you configure the online availability.
  • “Groups” are used to group multiple activities in a group. (eg. bowling lanes, escape rooms)
  • “Track” is used for karting activities.
  • “Floor plan” is used for restaurant and booking activities
  • “Score group” can be used for every activity involving any kind of scoring. Find out how to configure them here.
  • “Image” is available for all kinds.
  • “Games” is available for resources where sub-games or different approaches can be configured.
  • “Schedule” becomes available when the schedule kind is set up as “scheduled setup”

Once all the information is filled you can save the resource to start using it.information

For further questions, please don’t hesitate to send us an email.

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