How to customize your sales ticket


How to customize your sales ticket

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In our system, it is possible to customize your sales ticket to your desire. You can add/remove certain information, include your logo, …

This tutorial will show you where and how to customize your sales ticket.


  1. Open the ‘Menu’ in the top right corner of the application and go to ‘reports‘ -> ‘Configuration’ -> ‘reports‘.
  2. Select “sales ticket” and on the next window, go to the “settings” tab.
    Here you have a range of settings you can enable in order to show or hide different information on this ticket. 
sales ticket settings
  • “Print header” will show the data in the “Header text” field.
  • “Print footer” will show the data in the “Footer text” field.
  • “Logo” allows you to print a logo on top of the sales receipt. 
  • “Print member info” will print the information of the member paying the bill. 
  • “Print pay methods” allows you to show the mean(s) of payment for the bill. 
  • “Print Tax” allows you to show the tax/vat amount on the ticket.
  • “Print Tips” allows you to print a blank space for tipping and signing.
  • “Print Participant” shows the participant information on each bill line where this information is relevant. 
  • “Print voided lines” clarifies a returning of a product by showing the voided ticket lines as strike-through.
  • “Print VAT info” allows you to show additional information regarding the bill’s tax/VAT.
  • “Print bank info” shows the company’s bank information so the customer can pay with a wire transfer.
  • “Subtotal without Tax/VAT” allows you to show the tax-exclusive subtotal. 
  • “Print served by” shows the employee’s information. 
  • “Print extra Tax/VAT info”  adds this information.
  • “Print Company info” adds the company location information.
  • “Print reservation information” adds the reservation details. 
  • “Print reservation number” adds this information. 
  • “Order pay method” sorting option. 
  • “Print pay person address” 
  • “Print Total discount”
  • “Scaling percentage” allows you to increase or decrease the printed ticket size to fit it to the print area.  
  • “Print Fiscal QR” if required by local laws. 
  • “Margins” allows you to increase or decrease the margin size to fit it to the print area.

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