How to add / delete a score group


How to add / delete a score group

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Would you like to give your customers a better experience by sorting their lap times under different score groups such as “Adults”, “Kids”, “Junior” and so on…? Check out the following steps!


  1. Go to the “Menu” on the top right corner of the Timing program
  2. Choose “Activities” and then “Resources”
  3. Double click on the resource that you would like to add or delete the score group(s). For example, if you have both indoor and outdoor tracks, and you would like to create a new score group for the kids, then you need to add this new score group for both indoor and outdoor resources.
  4. Choose the tab “Score groups”
  5. Now you can add, edit or delete (deactivate) score groups. Please note that if there are any lap times stored under a certain score group, then this score group can only be deactivated but not deleted.
  6. You can also decide whether this score group can be visible online and if it’s a dynamic score group
  7. Furthermore, you can set the gender and age range for a certain score group as well
  8. Don’t forget to click “Apply” or “Save”

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