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This tutorial explains how to adapt or configure scoregroups. We have 2 types of scoregroups which is static and dynamic.

  1. Dynamic scoregroup: Means that the system will allocate participants to the scoregroup based on minimum and maximum age and gender. So you can have 2 scoregroups ‘Junior’ and ‘Adult’ and based on the age definition, the system will allocate the besttimes to the scoregroups.

Steps to follow to add a new scoregroup

  1. Go to the Main menu > Activities > Resources
  2. Go to the Karting resource and the to the scoregroup tab.
  3. Click on the ‘+’ icon to add a new scoregroup. Double click on the previous scoregroup to adapt it.
  4. If this scoregroup is not a ‘dynamic’ scoregroup, you will have to link it to an entry type. Refer to Creating a product with an entry type (bookable product)
Extra information

Active – This will make the scoregroup active in the timing/booking.

Online – This will show the scoregroup in the mobile app and besttimes webmodule.

Dynamic – This will set scoregroup to dynamic mode. Besttimes will be assigned to scoregroup based on minimum/maximum age

Gender – This will define gender of the scoregroup. Default is unknown


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