How to script your SMS-Timing modules.

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to script the start of your SMS-Timing modules follow this guide. 

  1. open notepad (or any IDE)
  2. paste the following text in the notepad file.

    @echo off
    taskkill /F /IM Fast.exe
    cd C:\Fast

  3. for each module you want to start you do the following:
  • right click on the module icon.
  • open the properties
  • copy the content of the “Target” field.
  • create a line in the notepad file as following:
     start + content target field (eg. 
    start D:\FAST\RunMe.exe “-app:TV|Super leadeboard”)
When finished adding the modules Save your file as a .bat file, give it a good and clear name. (eg. Wednesday setup, supertrack tv’s)
If everything went right you should have a file like this.
@echo off
taskkill /F /IM fast.exe
cd C:\
start D:\FAST\RunMe.exe "-app:TV|Super Pit Display"
start D:\FAST\RunMe.exe "-app:TV|Super Live Timing"
start D:\FAST\RunMe.exe "-app:TV|Super Personal Scoreboard"
start D:\FAST\RunMe.exe "-app:TV|Super leadeboard" 

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