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To activate and customize the new online kiosk, you can follow the following steps


Activate new Online Kiosk

  1. Go to Menu – System – Setting – System
  2. Look for “online kiosk”
  3. Set “Use new online kiosk” as True

Background configuration

  1. Go to Menu – System – Setting – System
  2. Look for ‘Online Theme’
  3. You can decide to fix Dark or Light theme

Survey Configuration

  1. Go to Menu – Communication – Surveys
  2. Create a new survey or customize an existing survey
  3. Setup the style colors as you prefer
  4. Add a specific background image
  5. Configure that survey as online kiosk survey going on : Menu – System – Setting – System, look for “Survey” and select the correct survey for Modules Kiosk

You can now use the link to access the new online kiosk. You can find the clientKey in the FAST Support Tool on the server.



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