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Create a new Survey

Surveys are used to give the customer a series of questions and forms to fill in so we can retrieve his personal information and make up his profile in the database. A survey also gives us the opportunity to automate the registration flow like signing the waivers and getting the signature. 

  • Navigate to “Menu”-> “Surveys” ->”Surveys”.
  • Click the button to add a survey.
  • You can choose one of the pre-configured surveys. However, for the demo, we choose ‘start an empty survey’.
    create new
  • Fill in the requested information.

    • “Name” you would like the survey to have.
    • “Kind” decides the kind of survey.
    • “Style” select a pre-configured color scheme.
    • “Background” Select an imported image as background. 
  • Once the basic information is provided you can start creating pages.

Survey kinds

The SMS-Timing system allows you to create 2 kinds of surveys. A survey for a person or a survey for a project.

“Person Surveys” are meant to let your customers fill in their information and sign the waiver at your location, online or in the mobile app. There can be a different survey per activity, medium used and location of the venue.

“Project Surveys” are meant to add additional information to the reservation overview. Like this, you can decide which fields are important for you to be filled in at every reservation.

For more information about surveys, shoot us an email!

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