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The SMS-Timing software is capable of selling your event or entrance tickets online and checking the validity of the virtual ticket.

Set up the entrance ticket

Schedule adjustments

The main difference between this product kind and a regular product is the ability to enter an opened session. We need this function since you want people to be able to enter the park or activity even when it is already opened and in use.
This can be done in the schedule. With our planner function, it is easy to adjust this to an already existing resource, or you can create a new resource.

Follow these steps to enable this option.

  1. Navigate to “Menu” -> “Activities” -> “Resources”
  2. Select the resource you want to adjust.
  3. Make sure the resource type is “Playground”
  4. Navigate to the schedules tab.
  5. Select the schedule you want to adjust.
  6. Enable the “allow ongoing blocks” option.
    ongoing blocks
  7. Save the settings.

Create the entry type

As it is an entrance ticket, you also need an entry type to return and allow your customer access to the park or activity.

To find out more about how to create this, please follow this manual.

Create the product

The last step on the product side is the creation of the product and, if needed placing it online.

Once your product is fully configured, we can start on allowing users to work with the mobile application.

Automated emails

If you want to offer this product, online customers will need a confirmation email and a registration email. Depending on the activity and the time to book ahead, the requirement of a waiver you will also need a reminder to send to everyone who purchased the ticket and make sure they sign the waiver before they come to the park/event.


User management

The user management will make sure your users have the right, and only this right, to check the tickets at the gate.
To keep the maintainability high, it is common to use or create a new user group for this cause. If you don’t know how to do this, you can use this kb article to help you.

The user group created can be called “Gatekeeper” (or any useful name) and will need access to following user rights.

  • Mobile assistant
  • Mobile assistant check-in
  • Mobile assistant QR

user rights

Now you can assign all your gatekeepers to this user group to let them use the mobile assistant application. If you need to create or adjust users, you can follow this article.

Mobile Assistant

The mobile assistant application can be used on all platforms capable of running a web-browser. For the form of scanning tickets, it is best to use a tablet or phone with an integrated camera.

Install the application

This is a guide explaining how to install the mobile assistant application.

Log in to the mobile assistant.

You can log in to the mobile with any of the users in the “gatekeepers” user group. The easiest way is to scan the QR code on the user’s profile page.

user profile

You can also copy the link or log in with the Manual code and Your user credentials

Use the mobile assistant

Once you are logged in, you want to navigate to the Check-in section and select the activity/location you wish to use. This can be changed later if you need it.

Now you are ready to scan. The customer who bought an activity or entrance will have a QR in the confirmation email or entry ticket.

When registration is complete and all waivers are signed following screen will show on your device, allowing you to check people in and let them enter the activity.

before check in

  1. Reservation overview.
  2. Check-in button for all the participants of this group.
  3. User details
  4. not checked in icon
  5. Individual check-in.

Once everyone is checked in, your screen will look as follow.


Of course, this is not always the case, sometimes users don’t register or sign the waiver, which causes you to deny them entrance for now.  This will be visualized in the application.


  1. reservation details
  2. error details
    1. Not all persons registered.
    2. Not all waivers signed.
    3. Conflict with age restrictions on products.
  3. Empty or not registered places means there are too many tickets sold compared to the participants in the group and will be colored red.
  4. Unsinged waivers will be visualized with the color yellow.

You can solve the registration errors by tapping on the button next to the account information. This will show a QR on the device and can be scanned with the customer’s phone or a device provided by the park to let him finish the registration process and/or sign the waiver. In the meanwhile, you are free to help other customers. Once the registration is done, you can scan the code they got in their confirmation to continue and close the reservation.


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