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This tutorial explains how to add video to show on TV screen.


To add video to show on TV screen, follow these steps:

  1. Open the ‘Menu’ in the top right corner of the application
  2. Go to ‘TV’
  3. Click on ‘Scenes’, the ‘Scenes’ overview page will open
  4. Click on the ‘+’ icon, a pop-up window will appear where you can select the scene that needs to be created
  5. Select the desired scene (in this case ‘Local Video’) – Local Video is a scene that allows you to select a video which you want to show on TV.
  6. The system will automatically add the selected scene
  7. Put the relative path to your video in Fast folder. For example, if you have your video with the name “VideoExample.mp4” here: “C:\Fast\Videos” –  you have to put “Videos\VideoExample.mp4”. Note: the video needs to be on the same computer where the TV application is running. 
  8. Set the way how you want to stretch your video on the screen
  9. Confirm with ‘Save’
Your scene with local video is added. To show those images on TV, please follow articles How To Create a Playlist For TV and How To Create New Show With Playlist.

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