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What are User groups

A user group gives a virtual representation of a group of users with shared responsibilities and/or workload. User groups are used to assign or revoke rights to a group of users. For example, we can make one user group for everybody who works in the pit and assign it the right to remove people from a started race. Then every user in this group will be given the right. When one User finds himself in multiple groups the rights of these groups will be combined. 


How to make a Usergroup

You can create a new user group with the following steps:

  • Go to the user groups overview screen (System -> Usergroups)
  • Click on the + button.
  • Fill in the name and description fields
  • Assign the allowed actions in the action tab.
  • Assign the data the user group is allowed to view and/or edit.
  • Save the user group.

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