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This article explains how to set up a voucher to sell on-site where you can select the amount yourself. It is similiar to this voucher article but with a few differences. The main difference is that the voucher codes need to be generated in advance and scanned at the Booking when you want to sell one.

  1. Go to Vouchers -> Templates and click on the ‘+’ to create a new voucher template.
  2. Fill in the name, duration/expiry, etc. The ‘Kind’ has to be EGiftCard.
  3. Now we need to link this template to a ‘Sales page’ with Products that we need to create.
  4. Go to Products -> Products. Here you will create one or multiple voucher products. Check this article for more info -> Create a new product with the ‘+’, give the product a name and add the voucher value under ‘money’ and in the tab ‘Return’ as well.
  5. Once the voucher products are done, go to Products -> Pages and add them to a new page. You can link this page to the voucher template we created at the start (point 3).
  6. Once the setup is done, go to the tab ‘Generate’ in your voucher template. Fill in an amount and click on ‘Generate’ to create the codes. You can create the images if you want as well. If not, you need to create them with an online tool or via a local printing company if you want a nice design.
  7. If you scan the QR code, the sales page that you linked will open and you can select multiple voucher products to reach the amount you need. In the image below we need €25, so I select 1x €20 and 5x €1.

That’s it!


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