How to give a birthday voucher through achievements?

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Achievements can be used to enhance the customer experience at your entertainment center. Customers can unlock a wide variety of benefits, based on specific achievements. Receiving a free birthday voucher is one of those benefits that can be configured. This tutorial will give you a step by step introduction on how to set this up.


  1. Add a new deposit typeIn case this doesn’t exist yet, add a new deposit type birthday credit: ConfiguratorProductsDeposit types.birthday credit
  2. Add the birthday voucherTo be able to give the customers a birthday voucher, we have to create it in the system. Go to ConfiguratorVouchersSetups.
    If it doesn’t exist yet, create a new setup Birthday voucher. Set the value to return as many birthday credits as you want (1 is the default). The duration you can set as long as you want the birthday credits to be valid for. Turn transferable (leaves the remainder of the voucher on the voucher itself) and shared in bill (also pay for others using this voucher) off for your birthday voucher.If you are creating the voucher from scratch, you’ll receive a notification that the redeem product does not exist yet. This is just a warning and the system will create the product for you.birthday voucher
  3. Set up the achievementTo give the voucher for the customer’s birthday, we will set up an achievement. Go to ConfiguratorGamificationAchievements meta.
    There is by default already a deactivated Birthday achievement setup (if there is not, you can add one manually).achievement setupDouble click on the default level to configure the reward and the condition.
    Link the voucher to the reward and set it to redeem voucher to give the birthday credit to the customer.

    achievement reward

    In the condition, you can decide when this achievement will trigger. Link it to the default birthday counter setup if it was not already there. Make sure to set the goal to equals 1.

    achievement condition

    If you click the 3 dots ‘…’ after the counter setup, you can change when and who this achievement triggers for exactly.
    You can set how many days before their birthday they will receive the voucher (14 in the example below), you can link a minimum and maximum age (so you can configure different achievements and rewards for adults and children) and you can link one or multiple memberships, to make the reward only valid for specific members.

    achievement condition setup

  4. Configure the products that can be paid with this birthday creditOf course, to let the customers benefit of their birthday voucher, we have to set up the products that can be paid using the birthday credit.Open the ConfiguratorProductsProducts. Open the product that can be paid using the birthday credit and configure the correct amount of birthday credits in the price grid.price settings

Test if it works

After a couple of days, you can double-check the achievements that have already been unlocked to confirm if everything is working.

Go to the ConfiguratorGamificationAchievement meta and open the achievement you want to double-check. Open the achievements tab and filter the period you want to check. The results will fill up in the grid with all the people that have already unlocked their reward.

achievements log


If there are no achievements being unlocked, make sure Fast Achievements Daemon is running inside the ServiceHost on your server. Contact to help you out here.

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