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If you are familiar with HTML markup language and you would like to know how to change a parameter in a template of an automatic email, you can follow the following instruction.


  1. Open the ‘Menu’ in the top right corner of the FAST Booking or FAST Configurator application
  2. Go to ‘Post Office’
  3. Go to ‘Setup’, the Setup page will open
  4. Select the setup you want to change and double click on it
  5. The ‘Templates’ page for that setup will open. We normally have different templates for each language for each setup.
  6. Double click the ‘Template’ that you want to change. You will see the AutomailTemplateController where you have on your left the ‘Template Parameter’, in the center the HTML body of the template, and at the right, you have the preview of the template.
  7. Fix the cursor in the place you want to add the parameter
  8. Choose the parameter you want to add and double click on it. The parameter will be automatically added on the HTML code
  9. Click ‘Save’
  10. To make sure your changes have been saved uncheck and check again the buttons ‘Sending active’ and ‘Queuing active’ then click ‘Apply’
  11. Click ‘Ok’ on the next windows.

At the bottom, you can find also some special parameters at your convenience.

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