How to set manual/static ip on mylaps decoder

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This tutorial explains how to configure a manual/static ip address on a mylaps decoder.


  1. Setup the decoder by connecting it to electricity and then connect it to the network with a network cable
  2. Press the round button with the ‘.’ sign to confirm that the decoder is has received ip address from the network.
  3. Press the arrow button ‘->’ to enter the decoder menu.
  4. Go to ‘network’ > ‘automatic’ and set it of.
  5. Check your network range. Visit this link How to check my network ip range for more information about how to check your network ip address
  6. Select an ip address outside your dhcp range and configure in the decoder.
  7. Reboot decoder to apply changes.
  8. You can visit this link for more info about how to configure the decoder in the timing software. Change decoder IP in SMS-Timing system


Attached is a manual from mylaps which you can also refer to for more information.

Mylaps decoder manual


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