A transponder (Mylaps) is not being detected

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This tutorial explains what to check in case you have problems with transponders Myalps.

First, take a look at the decoder screen:

On the front of the decoder, you will find an information display designed to view and change the decoder settings. The status screen will show the following information:
– a: Decoder date/time, UTC when synchronized to GPS
– b: Timeline name
– c: blinks when connecting to Mylaps practice, steady when connected to Mylaps practice
– d: background noise indication
– e: Indication that hits are received, remains black when a transponder is being received by the loop
– f: Strength of last received transponder
– g: Number of received GpS satellites
– h: blinks when GpS receiver attached, steady when the decoder is locked to UTC time
– i: Message line

A few transponders are not being detected.

If this is the case, the problem is most likely related to the individual transponder or the positioning of the transponder.
Check the mounting position of the transponder, for more information check your transponder manual.

None of the transponders are being detected.

If this is the case, the problem is most likely related to the detection loop, decoder, timing computer or cabling.
Please take the following steps:
– Check if a beep is heard in the headphone, or if the loop in the display changes to black during a transponder passing. If this is working, but nothing appears on the computer screen, check the cabling between the decoder and the computer.
– Check the coaxial cable by measuring the resistance (with a multimeter) between the center pin and the outside of the bNC connector. The reading should be approximately 150 kOhm (for MylApS proChip decoders) and 100 kOhm (for other types of decoders) after 30 seconds. If not, the coaxial must be replaced.
– Check the loop wire by cutting the loop wires from the connection box and measuring the resistance between the loop wires in the track. The reading should be approximately 220 Ohm (for MylApS proChip decoders) and 470 Ohm (for other types of decoders). If this is not the case, the loop must be replaced. When (re)connecting the loopwires to the connection box please solder with proper connections (for more information please check your system installation manual).

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