How to verify your TranX3 decoder

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This tutorial explains how to verify your TransX3.

Verification STEPS

On your Mylaps TranX3 decoder, you have a screen with a few indications. When you are testing your installed system, you will have to pass the loop with some karts and check 2 important results on the decoder.

  • Noise (d arrow on image)
  • Transponder signal strength (f arrow on image)

These values you can see on the image below:

Noise Level:

The decoder determines the average background noise. The noise (and signal strength) has a range of 0 to 255 points. Noise level, as shown on the decoder screen, should not exceed 40 points. If the noise level is higher, the received transponder signal strength should be 60 points above the noise level to ensure the proper functioning of the system. So if the transponder received signal strength is 120 points, the noise should not exceed 60 points.

Possible causes of high background noise levels:

 When the detection loop is damaged, a fluctuation in noise level will be noticeable, especially in wet conditions. If this is the case, please check the loop wire and coaxial for cuts or breakage. – Electrical equipment too close ​

Signal strength:

Transponder signal strength should preferably be above 100 points and should at least be 60 points higher than the indicated background noise. The closer the transponder is to the track, the higher the received signal strength will be. A higher transponder signal strength should allow for greater immunity against outside interference.

Active loop:

You can also check the black box that powers the loop. If the light is blinking, you can try to unplug the power and plug it back in. If this doesn’t help, the white loop cable itself is interrupted. Please check the cable.

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