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You want to set up products visible only on certain days. The important thing to consider is that you can fix the visibility settings on the page, not on the product. The way you set the visibility is extremely simple.


  1. Go to the Pages tab from your FAST Booking or FAST Configurator Application via Menu – Products – Pages
  2. The Pages page will open. Select the page you want to set the visibility
  3. Go to period
  4. Check the period that you want the page to be visible
  5. Click ‘Apply’

The page will be visible only in the period selected. In the video example, I set the visibility to Monday. This means that that page will be visible only on Mondays.


You can also set a day template instead of a period in the same way. This is a very important feature that allows you to sell online special deals only for certain days, in order to increase the revenue of the less busy days.



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