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Do you want to setup products bookable only on certain times? The first thing you need is to have a clear idea of the booking opening hours and the products that you have online. This way, when you set opening and closing times of online booking, you can also set which product group is possible in a specific schedule or schedule line.


  1. Go to Menu – Activities – Resources from your FAST Booking or FAST Configurator Application
  2. Select the resource and double click
  3. Go to Schedule tab
  4. Double click on the schedule
  5. Select the product limit
  6. Click ‘Apply’



The idea is that you can configure which products are bookable in that specific schedule line (time frame). For example you can setup that in the early afternoon hours (from 4pm to 7pm for example), only kids sessions are available and in the evening (from 7pm to 11pm for example), only adult sessions are available. For this specific case you would need two product groups, one containing kids product and an other one containing adults products. The product groups can be created in two different versions :

  • Include : the product group includes only the products that it contains
  • Exclude: the product group contains all the products in the system except the one that it contains.

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