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This tutorial explains how to create a family package in the online booking. Kindly note that family package only works in online booking. To setup this configuration, kindly follow the steps below.


You will need to configure the age groups which you will link to the product lines in the package. Follow the steps below to create the age groups.

  1. Go to Main menu > resources > Age group and click on the ‘+’ icon to add a group.
  2. Configure the minumum and maximum age for both groups. Minimum for Junior can start from ‘5’ and maximum ’17’. Minimum for Adults can start from ’18’





Configuring the Family product

  • Go to ‘Products’ menu. Add a new product ‘Family Race’ and set it as a combo.
  • Create two new products, 1 for Adult and 1 for Junior and make sure to set the prices for both products.
  • Create two separate entry types ‘Junior race’ and ‘Adult race’ with the same settings and link the products you configured to each entry type. In the entry type settings, you can set a default minimum number of participants for adult session for example.







  • Go to the Family race combo and add the two products you just created to the combo. Set the productkind to dynamic quantity. Go to the age tab and like the appropriate age to the product-line

  • Save product settings and link combo to the online page. Test product to make sure it works.

If you have any questions regarding this configuration, please don’t hesitate send us an email at or 24/7 support line at +32 14 56 00 70

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