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You can change the order of your Online Booking categories easily in your system. This article explains you how to do that.

You don’t have any pages yet? Please follow this tutorial: How to configure online booking pages and products


  1. Open the menu
  2. Go to ‘Products’
  3. Go to ‘Pages’
  4. To make it easy, sort all pages based on the ‘Online’ checkbox in the overview.
  5. The Online Booking uses the ‘Order’ of the page to determine which page needs to appear when.
  6. To change the order of the page, double click on it to open the page.
  7. In the top center of the screen, you can see the ‘Order’ field, change this value.
  8. Confirm with ‘Save’
  9. Repeat the steps above until you are happy with the order of all the pages for you Online Booking.
  10. Have a look to your Online Booking to see if everything is OK!

That’s it! 🙂

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