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You want to setup products and pages to sell online? First of all, an online booking product is configured the same as any other products on your system. The important thing to consider is that the page on which the product is added to is a page which is visible online. Each page represents category on your online booking platform. For example you can have Sessions, Events, gift Voucher pages, etc. Please follow the instructions.


  1. Create bookable products that you want to sell online
  2. Make sure to fill in ‘Online’ tab, here you can select the product image, online booking name and description.
  3. Add those products to a page.
  4. Go to the Pages tab from your FAST Booking or FAST Configurator Application via Menu – Products – Pages
  5. The Pages page will open. Select the page you want to put online
  6. Push the button ‘Online booking’ ON
  7. Click Apply
  8. You can use the online booking link to open that page directly and integrate it in your website.


We recommend to use different products from online bookings and for onsite in order to keep your cash report clean. You can create a ‘Online Booking’ product group and add all the online products in this group. There are advanced settings for online booking products that will be explained in the next tutorial.



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