How to change registration mode for online booking

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You want to setup a specific kind of registration that customers will need to do in order to finalize an online booking purchase.

We have three different registration mode for online booking:

  • NORMAL : Clients can decide to register online, or do the login if they are already member or even decide to register only basic contact information
  • SIMPLE : clients can insert only basic information (name, surname, email address and mobile phone number)
  • NO GUEST : The clients needs to register or do the login but he cannot leave just contact information


To configure the registration mode that you like, you need to :

  1. Open FAST Booking or FAST Configurator
  2. Go to Menu – System – Settings – System
  3. Type ‘Registration mode’ in the search bar
  4. Change the settings as you prefer
  5. Click on ‘Apply’

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