How to split adults/children bookings in Online Booking

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This tutorial explains how to split adults/children sessions in our system. This will help you avoid situations where kids and adults are booked in the same session via Online Booking.

Our goal: Once a customer books an adult session online, other customers will not be able to book a kids product in the same session and vice versa.
Example: Customer A books a kids session at 14:00. Customer B cannot book an adult session at 14:00 so he has to book it on the next available session at 14:15.


You need to configure the Entry Type for every product that you sell online and want to be split. For more info see this tutorial.
To split adults/children, follow these steps:

  1. Open the ‘Menu’ in the top right corner of the application and go to ‘Products’ -> ‘Pages’.
  2. Go to the page(s) that you show on your Online Booking.
  3. For every product that you want to split, do the following:
    1. Click on the Pen icon to edit the product.
    2. Under ‘Product’, click on the 3 dots to edit.
    3. Go to the tab ‘Return’ and click on the 3 dots to edit the Entry type.
    4. Go to the tab ‘Advanced’.
    5. You can see a field called ‘Group’. You have to enter a name here that will assign this entry type to a ‘group’.
  4. You can enter the same name for every entry type that you want to be part of this group. Example: you have 4 kids karting products, 2 of them have an entry type ’10 minutes kids’ and the other 2 have an entry type ’20 minutes kids’. For both entry types, you can fill in ‘kids karting’ in the Group field. For Adult karting products we can do the same.

In the video example below, we will set it up so the 2 products ‘Karting 10 min Adults’ and ‘Karting 10 min Kids’ cannot be booked at the same time.

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