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Jackpot time is a range that can be configured in our system. If someone drives a lap time between this configured range, this lap time will appear marked on the race result printout. This way you can configure a challenge for your clients. If, for example, they drive a lap within this range they receive a price, discount, …


  1. Open up the menu in the top right corner of any application
  2. Go to “System” -> “Settings” -> “System Settings”
  3. Search for “Jackpot” in the top left corner
  4. Change the values for “Jackpottime min” and “Jackpottime max”. If you want to disable it, change the values for both fields to ‘0’.
  5. Confirm with “Save”


In this example, everyone that drives a lap time between 12.995 and 13.000 will get the ‘Jackpot’. A jackpot time is marked with stars on the race result overview.





That’s it!

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