How to change gokart during a race

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This tutorial will show you how to switch Karts during a race. This is needed if you have chosen a wrong Kart at the beginning or you need to switch a person to another one.


  1. Go to your default timing screen.
  2. You see the Gokart numbers and the persons in this Heat.
    1. If you want to simply switch a Kart go to step three.
    2. If you have chosen the wrong Kart at the beginning of the race you can go to the ‘Passings’ tab on the top and see there, which Kart isn’t selected to a person.
  3. Click on ‘Karts’ next to the ‘Start’ button.
  4. Drag the old Kartnumber from the Customer out.
  5. Simply add a new Kart also by drag and drop.
  6. Press ‘Continue’ to save.


Your Kart has been switched and the right times should be on the right person now!

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