Switching tracks (with positioning) in timing application

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If your activity center has multiple track layouts, it can happen that during the day you would like to switch between them. Think about having the following setup:
– Normal track
– Backwards track

For example: at the end of the day, a group would like to drive on the backwards track. Of course these lap-times needs to be saved separately from the normal track. Each track has its own configuration which allows you to keep things separated. In our system you can easily switch between track setups in the Timing application, which allows you to have more flexibility during the day and less concerns regarding best times and lap times.

To switch the track layout in the timing application, go to ‘Main menu’ > ‘Timing settings’. Select the tracklayout and click ok to save.
NB: Make sure to switch to the right track before you start the race in the timing application




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