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This article explains you all available settings for the Scoreboard scene.


Hereby an explanation of each individual setting:

  • Sorting: This will determine how the sorting happens on the scoreboard, you have two different options:
    • Last passing: the last person that crossed
    • Position: sorting based on position
  • Show header: show/hide the header of the scoreboard. The header displays the current heat + heatname and the remaining time
  • Column headers: show/hide columns headers
  • Show best time this race: show/hides best time of the race in the top left corner of the application
  • Color mode: every time a driver crosses the finish line, the TV application will show a green/red flash animation for that driver depending on the setting.
    • DiffToLastTime: when the previous lap of the driver was faster -> flash red, otherwise flash green
    • DiffToBestTime: when the last lap was faster than his/her best lap -> flash green, otherwise flash red
  • Max. Participants: total amount of drivers that the scoreboard will show
  • Skip: How many drivers it skips. I will give a small example. You have a race of 10 drivers, if you configure “skip 4”, the scoreboard will show (in order of the sorting setting) the last 6 drivers only. If you change it to 7, it will show the last 3 drivers. This setting is created to have the option to run two scoreboards next to eachother where scoreboard 1 shows the first X drivers and the second scoreboard shows the remaining drivers.
  • Progress bar: show/hide the colored progress bar
  • Two column layout: enables two column layout
  • Show passing animation: enable/disable the flashing animation when someone made a passing
  • Use colored rows: enable/disable green/red colored rows based of drivers laptime (better/worse)
  • Stretch rows: automatically stretch the rows vertically over the screen. If disabled and you only have two drivers, those will appear on top of the screen. If enabled, they will be vertically centered.
  • Header Style: color and fontsize for the headers
  • Body Style: color and fontsize for the body (drivers)
  • Column header Style: color and fontsize for the column headers

Scoreboard Settings


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