How to make TV’s Day/time dependable

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Our TV system is very flexible and it makes it possible to show different screens on different occasion depending on the state of an activity and/ or than interval. We can even make it so a specific screen is shown whenever a manual trigger is activated (yellow light, start race,…) The only trigger which is not supported in the software is periodically (eg. every Friday, during the weekend,…) This does not mean it isn’t possible, with some help from the Windows Task Planner we can automate this. It will come real handy when you have multiple tracks that can be combined. 

In order to get it to work you will need to:

  1. Create a separate resource for all tracks and create a tv show for each resource
  2. Make sure you overwrite the playlists in each show with the respective resource. 
  3. Next add a TV module for each show in the fast folder and attach it to the right show. Keep it clean and handle a good naming convention. (eg. supertrack playlist -> supertrack show -> supertrack TV)
  4. Once you made all the required TV modules you can create a script that checks for open tv modules, closes them and opens a specific module. For each setup you’ll need to create this script with the right set up for that moment.
  5. Lastly create a task in windows task scheduler for each script. 

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