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What is a user?

A user is a person working for the company and/or using the software. This goes from the pit workers to the administration coworker who extracts the reports. These different functions can be grouped into the user groups, but all individuals need their own profiles to keep track of what happens inside the system.


Create a new user

When you have a new coworker, of course, he/she needs their own profile so they can start working with the SMS-Timing software.

You can create a new user with the following steps:

  • Go to the User’s overview screen (Staff -> Configuration -> users)
  • Click on the + button
  • Fill in the
    • Username
    • Password and /or PIN
    • Default Language
  • Disable the blocked option
  • Assign the User to the required group(s)
  • Fill in the User’s personal pages (optional)
  • Select Save / Apply


Adjust a user

Adjusting a person’s name or resetting his PIN code. You can adapt an existing user as followed:

  • Go to the User’s overview screen (Staff -> Configuration -> users)
  • Select the User (double click)
  • Adjust the fields.
  • Select Save / Apply

You can enable/disable the user groups to this user by (un)checking the checkboxes.


Delete a user

Once a user has any activities like orders, tabs, or sales, it becomes impossible to delete the User. You can use the blocked option in the user’s detail page to block the user’s rights. Now the blocked User cannot log in anymore and won’t be shown into the reports anymore.

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