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We noticed that whenever we switch a location to the SMS-Timing Software, our new customer has all the cards that become useless since the encoding is different from ours. Due to the different encoding these cards could not be used in the SMS-Timing system. But, by popular demand we did find a purpose for them in order to make sure you can still use the remainder of your stock. 

Do bare in mind that this is a work around to make use of previously acquired member cards. there are better and easier ways to create new vouchers in the SMS-Timing system. 


To activate a voucher out of the predefined range you can follow these steps:

  1. Click on the manual swipe button.
  2. Fill in the code you see on top of the card’s back.
    UMC Example
  3. Press ok.
  4. A popup window will show you the value assigned to the card and whether you want to attach it to an account or not.
  5. Make your selection if needed and fill in the memo if required.
  6. press the activate voucher button.
  7. Close the bill.


This is the easy part, if you follow these steps:

  1.  Take the customer’s order as usual.
  2. Click on the manual swipe button.
  3. Fill in the code you see on top of the card’s back.
    UMC Example
  4. press ok.

 Now you will see that the card’s value is deducted from the bill. If there is any remaining value the customer will be able to use it during a later visit.

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